I wanna book a wedding band!

party band wedding, Christmas party band, kent , london, surreyGreat! Booking a live wedding band is one of the best ways to make a wedding reception a lot of fun and MonkeySelfie are among the best in the business. Once the ceremony is complete, the speeches nervously completed and the food devoured by hungry friends and family it’s got to be time for you to relax, right? Yep! At this point it’s time to let your live wedding band assume command of everyone having a good time. We’re not your typical cheesy wedding band though…

If you can’t already tell from our videos, we’re not going to stand still on stage and plod out boring cover versions that you’ve heard a thousand times before. If you want Sex on Fire and Livin’ on a Prayer (and someone usually does – it’s amazing how tastes change the closer to midnight it gets – we’ll do it. A great song is a great song and we’re not shy of playing the hits but we mix it up with modern pop and rock, currently including guys like Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Pharrell and The Killers (and even 1D if we think we’ll get away with it). We really hope to offer something for everybody.

We provide a full, theatre-spec light and laser show as standard. It looks incredible and is quite different from the lighting that most bands provide, which at best is a collection of lights set to auto-run, doing the same thing all night. We have a fully-DMX programmed light show which is controlled live, giving every song a different, appropriate look – think retro 70’s glitterball effects for Get Lucky, insane strobing and techno lasers for Gangnam Style, and stylish moving beams and pulsating washes for Bruno Mars. We can create a genuine concert atmosphere and when you see it you’ll understand why we do it. It’s the last thing most people think of when hiring a band but it’ll knock your socks off, and is unheard of for wedding bands at our price point.

One thing you DON’T want at your wedding reception is a band who are too loud, with a distorted PA system creating a get-me-out-of-this-room sonic assault. We have a powerful, top of the range FBT system – it looks great, doesn’t take up a huge amount of space and has enough power for a few hundred people at an outdoors event (we can extend it if necessary). Crucially we’re experienced sound engineers, mixing live bands and studio albums, and in our soundcheck we’ll set the system up for the size, shape and type of room, making sure the band has a beautiful, clear sound for all types of music, all night. The majority of wedding bands in our price bracket don’t have this level of expertise.

We’re completely self-contained – we just need a couple of plug sockets. Not only will we provide our unique live wedding band entertainment (see the live MonkeySelfie wedding band show), but we’ll also take care of background music and the disco between our live sets.

Want to know more or get a quote for your wedding? Get in touch – call Jon on +44 (0) 7818 052442 or email info@monkeyselfie.com – or use the form below.