About MonkeySelfie

MonkeySelfie is a thoroughly modern professional party band. With a great light show for stage and dancefloor, killer live band sets and energetic performances of the hippest of the hip and the most classic of retro hits, plus MonkeySelfie’s unique mashups, this premium party band provides everything you need to make everyone at your party, wedding or special occasion jump up, jump up and get DOWN.

MonkeySelfie create a slightly special live show. Fronted by Alexis and Liv, the band bring a whole bunch of influences and mega skills to the party. A mix of professional touring, theatre and international session players, MonkeySelfie nail everything from AC/DC to Katy Perry, from Prince to the Fresh Prince, from Backstreet Boys to… well, where can you go after Backstreet Boys?

Whatever you or your client’s musical tastes, the high standard of musicianship, production values and sheer entertainment value that MonkeySelfie provides make them one of THE leading lights in a new generation of live music entertainment.

To find out more about making your event a VERY special one email or call Jon on +44 (0) 7818 052442 now.

Meanwhile, for price info and lots more why not check out the MonkeySelfie party band FAQs?

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