FOr our latest content please see our youtube channel. WE have live videos, vlogs so you can get to know us a bit, and other fun stuff:

YouTube channel here! Meanwhile, MonkeySelfie’s live party band OFFICIAL PROMO below:

We sometimes get requests for unedited live videos, so here’s one of those – the audio is from the camera and supplemented by a multitrack recording we made on the night, and it’s very representative of how we sound. These guys were such a great crowd, and you can see how much fun they, and we, are having as we play one of our unique mashups – this one featuring songs by Maroon 5, Little Mix, Bryan Adams and Ed Sheeran:

Here’s us at an Olympics-themed Awards party at the Hilton in Manchester:

A friendly fan recorded a few minutes of a set we did in London recently – for an idea of the vibe MonkeySelfie create in smaller venues. Again live audio from the night!

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