Big-screen video

If you have giant video screens at your event what better way to make use of them during our performance than to show our custom-made dynamic video feed. Our whole live set has accompanying synchronised video content, designed by us and full of energy, colour and a little humour. On large stages with giant screens either side it can create a stadium gig atmosphere during our set, and in smaller rooms it can help full the room with colour and movement.

It helps to see it with your own eyes to fully understand the impact it can have but as we’ve found, once you’ve seen it, anything less seems, well, LESS.

From a technical perspective it’s easy – just have your AV team provide us with an HDMI input on stage, and all they’ll need to do is switch over to us when we start the set. (Please do discuss with us in advance so we can ensure the technicalities go smoothly). If you would like us to provide some incredible big screens then get in touch and we can arrange that through our production partner.