Big-screen video

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If you have giant video screens at your event why not make full use of them during our performance. We can provide a bespoke, high quality HD video feed to your AV team, and our whole performance has accompanying synchronised video content, designed by us and full of energy, colour and a little humour. Every song has a unique look, there’s opportunity for crowd participation, and we’ve taken inspiration from classic music videos with fun, lighthearted cultural references. On large stages with giant screens either side it can create an incredible atmosphere during our set for everyone in the room, and in smaller venues it can help full the room with colour and movement.

It helps to see it with your own eyes to fully understand the impact it can have but as we’ve found, once you’ve seen it, anything less seems, well, LESS.

It’s easy

From a technical perspective it’s easy – just have your AV team provide us with an HDMI input on stage, and all they’ll need to do is switch over to us when we start the set. We provide full information about what exactly we send in our technical rider, so connect us with your AV in advance and we’ll do all we can to ensure that the technicalities go smoothly.

Want us to bring ours?

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If you would like us to provide some incredible big screens at your event just get in touch! We can arrange the hire, installation and operation of a range of big screen technology through our production partner who have years of experience in providing sound and visual services to global clients.

If you’re not using big screens it is of course, not a problem. MonkeySelfie will deliver an exciting, energetic and entertaining performance regardless, with visually arresting outfits, dance moves and audience engagement.