How much do you cost?

Please get in touch with us, and tell us about your event, including location and particularly the date of your event and we’ll provide you with the best quote possible. Where needed we are able to provide PA/sound system, lighting for stage and dancefloor, and offer a DJ service. We aim to be fantastic value for money.

How are you different to all the other covers bands?

If you’ve already checked out the MonkeySelfie Party band videos and other content, and already like what you’re seeing, you’ll already see the difference between MonkeySelfie and more generic covers bands. It’s an energetic, modern brand of party band that leaves the stereotypical covers/function band behind and blurs the line between event entertainment and a concert experience. Performances are more than a list of songs that the band can play – they’re real shows with appropriate lighting, all the sounds, samples and and textures you’d expect from the songs you know and it’s delivered in a professional, engaging and massively FUN way.

With MonkeySelfie you get five professional, international standard musicians, a classy, high energy vibe and guaranteed-entertaining show that covers some the best of the best and most requested songs of all time and cutting edge modern pop and rock – all delivered in a unique and refreshed live band style. Find out more about how a party band really works

Do you take requests?

Given enough notice it’s possible. We’re generally able to learn first dances where requested (see the Weddings page). Our show is very structured – you will have read about our mashups – and generally it’s rather impractical to incorporate new material each week, but if it’s important we can make an exception.

In general we weigh up what’s going to make for the best show, and go with that. If it’s the end of the night and someone’s demanding Boyzone, we are likely to politely decline in the interests of both the band and the guests! However if there’s a special song for your event, if it’s feasible and you give us enough notice, we can always consider!

Is it SAFE to book you?

Yes. MonkeySelfie are extremely reliable and experienced. Although the shows are a lot of crazy fun it and it all seems quite carefree and slightly mad, the guys are very organised with structured band management and very sensible stuff like premium breakdown cover, full insurance and backup musicians. During a recent chat we realised that of the 1000+ professional performances that the members of MonkeySelfie have done, no one has EVER missed a gig!

You’ll find all members of MonkeySelfie are really friendly, professional and presentable. We love what we do and take a lot of pride in delivering not only incredible performances, but peace of mind for our clients from the moment the booking is confirmed, through the run up to it and on the night itself.

MonkeySelfie are insured with Public Liability cover, and all of our electrical equipment is well-maintained and PAT tested.

How loud will you be? The venue has a sound limiter.

We will work within your, or the venue’s restrictions as far as we possibly can. We require (or will supply) a powerful PA system which just means we can provide full, undistorted and good-sounding music at whatever level is appropriate.

It is a full live band, and although amps and PA systems can be run quite quietly, an acoustic drum kit does need to be hit for it to work – this is usually the minimum level to which the rest of the sound sources can be balanced. However we are able to use an electric drum kit, which means we can work to very low levels if necessary – just advise us well in advance. Sound limiters can occasionally be tricky and we can take no responsibility for their impact on any booking. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the venue is suitable for a live band. It is rare for a sound limiter to seriously curtail a performance and we’ll do our very best to work around whatever the venue’s requirements are, but always check with your venue whether there are are sound limiters or restrictions, as this may have a considerable affect on the atmosphere of your evening and the impact of any evening entertainment.

What do we/the venue need to provide?

For the band to really party they’ll definitely need power – a few regular, 13 amp domestic-style plug sockets is fine. It’s a lively show and the minimum space required is about 3m deep and 6m wide – more is better – but get in touch if this is an issue.

We also like food. Most events are full working days for us, so a hot meal and soft drinks are requested. If this can’t be accommodated please advise and we’ll make to make other arrangements. We need time (and use of the space where we will be performing) to soundcheck, and a separate space where we can stay out of everyone’s way, and rest/change/warm up between soundcheck and showtime. All of this is covered in detail when confirming your booking.

Do you need a stage?

We love a stage, but it’s not absolutely necessary. We do need enough space to perform (a minimum of approximately 3x6m ideally) and any danceflooring mustn’t encroach into the performance area. There’s expensive electrical equipment and cabling in most parts of the playing area so we do prefer it to be an area where guests (and caterers) won’t be spilling drinks etc.

Will you play overseas?

Yes. There are a few extra things to work out when booking the band to perform outside of the UK such as equipment, travel costs and insurance. Please get in touch to discuss.