Corporate event branding

Supporting your brand

We understand that your brand matters. Although we provide a unique and stylised show, we’ll work with your message in whatever way we can and you can be confident that MonkeySelfie can compliment your event perfectly, whether it’s in a skyscraper in central London, a hotel in Surrey or a field in Sussex.

We can provide brand-themed lighting where requested and appropriate, tailor our sets with appropriate songs where possible and we’ll always make sure we look the part. MonkeySelfie has a strong image but can adapt our look to suit the event, from on-trend glammed-up, to formal and classic and .

Having a live band at your event is a great way to create a relaxed but energetic environment for valued staff and partners. We have worked with brands such as Virgin Media, Able & Cole and major international hotel chains. We have years of experience and know how to entertain diverse crowds – and we understand event planning. Contact us now to find out how we can bring the party to your business.