How did MonkeySelfie start?

The members of MonkeySelfie have worked together for many years before the band was eventually set up. Jon (guitar) and Adam (drums) first played together in a function band over ten years ago and have gigged together on and off throughout that time. Lily (vocals) and Jon perform as an acoustic duo and have done so for several years, and Tiago (bass) and Jon met through an alternative rock band and have since been involved in much studio session work together. The search for the right keyboard player took a short while but Brett joined and balance and harmony have reigned ever since!

Lily was previously singing with other bands including the well-known Rockaoke, mixing her singing career with voiceover work, copywriting and video production. While Jon was heavily involved in another great covers trio, session playing, and international artist work, he and Lily had long discussed developing the duo into a full band. Getting Adam, Tiago and Brett onboard was relatively easy – Adam something of a function band legend with a huge repertoire, Tiago, when not touring with his band, a master of all styles from rock to electrofolk and owner of an excellent beard, and Brett, an extremely accomplished keyboard player/pianist, who it later transpired was also a theatre musical director, and whose range of old and new keyboards covers vast musical ground.

MonkeySelfie are new in band years yet between them have thousands of professional gigs’ experience. They bring and energy and freshness to modern covers band entertainment and have a fantastic chemistry on stage and off. Read more about what we do.


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