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Good shout. Booking a wedding band is one of the best ways to make a wedding reception a lot of fun. The number of people we’ve spoken to who said they were close to just having a DJ but that hiring a band was the best decision they made… The visual spectacle, the personality and interaction you get with a good band can really transform an evening where everyone is a bit tired into a very special, memorable night.

Do look around. There are LOADS of bands to choose from, some of them are great, some offer fairly standard fare, and some, well, there are some agency bands that really only exist virtually, where musicians (often not the ones in the photos) are thrown together for events to play a standard collection of rocky songs. Worth being just a bit careful of these guys, as they cost around the £1000 mark but more than half of that goes to the agency, meaning the musicians are generally part-time players, students and hobbyists. Nothing wrong with part-time musicians at all, it’s more about getting value from your money so going direct to a wedding band should always be better value for money.

Here are our wedding band videos, and our testimonials are here. Feel free to get in touch any time for a non-salesy chat.

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Booking a wedding band isn’t easy, here’s some free industry advice!

Full time, professional musicians – each member of MonkeySelfie has a vast amount of experience. Three of us are or have been musical directors, and have worked in theatre shows, high end corporate music entertainment (including Merlin & Alton Towers, Microsoft and Unilever) and many other top bands previously. We make a living through performing and a number of us are also frequently employed as session players for studio recordings and live performances. We have combined our experience – including hundreds of successful weddings and delighted couples – to create a wedding band that can provide a diverse range of music in an energetic, original but highly accessible way. For more about the individual members of the band, click here.

Bespoke first dance – if you’d like us to learn a special song for you we are able to do that – please see the FAQs page. With a full live band including keyboards, samplers and guitars we can cover most genres in a lot of style – and we love learning new material.

Highly energetic show – we see it as our responsibility to bring our audiences together and make sure everyone is having a great time! We play a brilliant mix of live music that includes the classic tunes that are guaranteed to bring the house down, but also contemporary hits and some unique mashups that really do distinguish us from traditional covers bands. We’re excited by the music we play and it shows!

A friendly, personal approach – we understand that planning a wedding can be stressful and time-consuming – some of us have done it ourselves! We’re happy to talk to you about any aspect of your band booking, whether it’s on email, over the phone, or even venue visits*. We generally reply to all queries very quickly and we’re used to dealing with venues and events planners. While we’ve performed at many, many weddings, we still find that they’re all different and beautiful in their own ways. We aim to complement that.

* an additional fee may be charged for on-site meetings

Once the ceremony is complete, the speeches nervously completed and the food devoured by hungry friends and family it’s got to be time for you to relax, right? Yep! At this point your band can assume command of everyone having a good time, and where the booking you’ve made takes centre stage.

We’re not going to stand still on stage and plod out boring cover versions that you’ve heard a thousand times before. Oh, we’ll play some absolute CLASSICS, but think Beyonce’s incredible live band doing a reworked cover version, rather than a few blokes churning out pub rock in their sleep. A great song is a great song and we’re not shy of playing the hits but we mix it up with modern pop/rock stuff, currently including guys like Daft Punk and LMFAO (and even 1D). We really hope to offer something for everybody.

MonkeySelfie can be completely self-contained – when we are, we just need a couple of plug sockets. We’ll provide our unique live band entertainment (see The MonkeySelfie show), a cool light show, and also take care of background music and the disco between our live sets when asked.