Rocking Clapham Common

Foodies Festival – Clapham, London

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“Put your hands where I can see em!” MonkeySelfie, Foodies Festival, London 2014. Thanks to Mark Richards for all photos

We played a double bill of live music at the Clapham Foodies Festival on Sunday. In the baking sun and with the aromas of dozens of quality food stalls, Lily and Jon performed an acoustic set mid-afternoon while the full 5-piece MonkeySelfie live party band took to the stage in the headline spot at 7pm.

After three days of eating just about every sort of grub, there were still a lot of people looking for entertainment, dancing and general fun times. We had a great London crowd, a mixture of old and young but mainly food enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s, plus sun-worshippers and a few craft beer lovers who definitely weren’t ready for the party to end!

We got some great feedback, with one lady telling us that Lily reminded her of Lisa Stansfield – that made Lily happy. However the finest testimonial was from a young man who’d been up dancing at the front of the stage through the MonkeySelfie band set who put it thus: “You were so good you made my nose bleed!”.

When we first started, everyone was sitting back, chilling and chatting with friends. It looked like this:

A few songs later, THIS sort of thing was happening:


Lily had everyone getting down:

10410250_10153193030731686_1962663833653749615_nAs the sun set across Clapham Common, as exhausted chefs and caterers began packing up to head home after a long, hot day, there was one corner of the park where about a hundred friendly revellers danced, jumped and sang their hearts out.

If you’d like to catch us live and get some amazing food while you do it, come next time! We’ll be playing again at the Foodies Festival in Battersea Park on August 17th. More info

Jon x